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 Let us help improve your asset utilization

Our Inventory and Asset Management system provides you with an easy to use tool that gives you total visibility of all your non-real estate assets. We will offer you optimal return on your original investment by re-using and redeploying assets and identifying and liquidating unneeded and unwanted assets which improves your overall asset utilization. The result for the customer is a cost savings by better utilizing the assets you already own.

This software system manages all non-real estate assets by product type, location, condition and value of product. The system allows product search, reserve and selection. It also has the capability to compare new product requirements with available used inventory, thereby, helping you make informed purchasing decisions. Customized reports for asset tracking, auditing and accounting requirements can be provided to the customer.

Ask us about our flexible plans to store whatever it is you need to store, freeing up square footage for more usable workspace. Your assets will be stored in our climate-controlled warehouse. We’re centrally located in Burlington NC, so your inventory can be quickly accessed the moment the need arises. With our racking system and computerized bin locations, you’ll always know exactly what you have stored with us.

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