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Design solutions that provide comfort and durability

We partner with leading healthcare manufacturers to provide a broad range of products for virtually any healthcare environment. We’re able to upfit hospitals, nursing or retirement homes, medical clinics, long-term care facilities and general practitioners’ offices.

We know the products we specify must withstand relentless use and provide years of reliable performance. We’re also mindful of healthcare-specific features that are important to you. Anti-microbial fabrics and finishes, ease of cleanability, replaceable components and upholstery, to name a few. You can take comfort in knowing that we’re committed to meeting these rigorous standards, and creating environments that work to foster healing.

Our goal is to offer solutions that provide for the comfort and well-being of patients, their families, and your staff, while ensuring these solutions are fiscally sound, environmentally-friendly, and offer lasting durability and value.


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