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[vc_member name=”ed boiar” role=” president/owner, delve interiors” img=”2551″ facebook=”” twitter=”” linkedin=””]

Ed has more than 25 years experience in the office furniture industry. In December 2012 he purchased Macthrift Office Furniture, and in July 2013 renamed the company Delve Interiors. As President and Owner he is leading the branding and cultural change of the organization to become more consultative and design based.

Prior to 2012, Ed held the role of Chief Operating Officer for another industry organization and was responsible for growing sales from $15 million to $77 million in 2011 while remaining profitable throughout that period. He led the cultural and philosophical change in work environment and work style and developed and implemented several acquisitions and start up entities. He also reorganized the sales staff into cross functional teams that resulted in the dealership having the highest customer satisfaction in the dealer network.

[vc_member name=”Kay Davis” role=”admin/hr/design lead” img=”2600″ linkedin=”” facebook=”” twitter=””]

Kay has over 15 years of experience in Human Resources and manages all recruiting, benefits administration for all Delve locations. In addition she is the Design Lead for a team of 6 Interior designers. As a corporate resource, she provides sales support and manages delve’s social media outlets and coordinates all marketing initiatives.[/vc_member]

[vc_member name=”Beth Graves” role=”Controller” img=”2762″ linkedin=”″ facebook=”” twitter=””]

Beth has been with Macthrift, now Delve Interiors since 1986 and has held many roles within the company which make her a valuable resource to our organization. From inventory control to companywide training on processes and procedures, Beth’s current role is Controller. She leads the Finance Team of accounts payable, accounts receivable, credit and collections and inventory. In addition, her responsibilities include payroll, banking and information reporting.[/vc_member]

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